Born 1987, Miami, USA

American artist Jasmin Charles alternately goes by the name CHARLISSIMO, a name that encompasses her experience as a multi disciplinary creator. 
Charlissimo exists to create music and paintings that have an instant calming effect on viewers and listeners.


Charlissimo is self taught canvas artist who uses metal palette knives with heavy body acrylics + a range of bold hues to paint highly expressive works. There is a special focus on small details and variations in color that makes every piece unique. Her paintings are therapeutic to create + look at; many fans resonate with her own personal search for a balanced, peaceful emotional state and describe the paintings as ancestral messages or headdresses with a powerful presence. Charles' film + digital photography captures the vulnerable side of street culture, highlighting beautiful things in ugly spaces. In 2014 she met Catinca Tabacaru, an NYC based art dealer who first introduced her work to collectors in the New York metro area & the Hamptons. Helen Toomer, director of PULSE Art Fair, asked Charlissimo to exhibit a full body of work during PULSE New York 2015. In 2016, Charles completed her first artist residency in Manhattan at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery. 

Charles began writing solos for violin at age 9. She studied music production and engineering at Berklee College of Music until she moved to New York City with another violist. The pair branded themselves as a performance art duo that performed original works in museums, galleries, festivals, and private events, occasionally recording with major artists. Her first placement as a string arranger was for Kendrick Lamar's first album; that led to her duo working with artists under his umbrella and then collaborating and touring with J Cole for three of his projects. Of the five platinum records Charles wrote and recorded on, three were nominated for Grammys.


Jasmin Charles | Charlissimo is currently based in Los Angeles, CA writing music and painting new works.